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Pärnu is the fourth biggest city in Estonia and moreover, the city is the largest centre of West-Estonia. Pärnu is an attractive place for spending the vacation for Estonians as well as foreigners.


Port Artur shopping centres are located in the historically developed centre of Pärnu.


Port Artur 2 is located exactly in the centre of Pärnu, thus being one of the most visited places in the city. The building is located in the quarter between Lai and Aia Street extension and Pikk and Ringi Street. Two main streets go past the shopping centre, namely Pikk Street and Lai Street. As it is the centre of the city, most of the objects which are important to the citizens of Pärnu are situated in the neighbourhood: concert hall, bus station, Port Artur 1 shopping centre and many administrative agencies as well as the planned new bridge across Pärnu River and the “old bridge” which is the only connecting bridge to the centre.


1 - Port Artur 1

2 - Port Artur 2

3 - Port Artur 3

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